卡城中心基金||卡城中心基金||Calgary Centre Fund

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此指定基金之本金和投資回報,將用作支持加拿大中信卡城中心各項事工,包括精神健康及輔導服務、 家庭教育及長者關顧、特殊需要和靈性屬靈追求等。||此指定基金之本金和投资回报,将用作支持加拿大中信卡城中心各项事工,包括精神健康及辅导服务、 家庭教育及长者关顾、特殊需要和灵性属灵追求等。||This fund is a designated fund, in which both the principal and investment return will be used to support the ministries at CCM Calgary Centre.  Its ministries include mental health, counselling, family education, caring for seniors, special needs services, spiritual discipleship, etc.